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Get Inspired with These Fundraising Ideas

Get Active

Break a sweat while doing one of your favourite activities. Organize a virtual run, walk, bike, hike, roller-skate, yoga, Pilates, mini golf OR any other athletic activity. Participate solo by challenging yourself, or invite your friends, family,  colleagues and your pets to all join together to get active and raise funds to support BFO-Halton/Peel. 

BFO Halton/Peel is hosting our annual 5k Memorial on October 15th, for more information click here. Join as an individual or start your own team!

Need more inspiration? Check out our Get Active Idea Page.

Donate Your Day

Do you have that big day coming up? How about a milestone achievement? Why not celebrate your birthday, wedding, anniversary, promotion, graduation, starting your own blog, writing that 1st novel  or another special occasion or achievement  by  asking your  friends and family to make a donation in your honour instead of gifts. You can make this happen by linking this to your Facebook Page!


Need more inspiration? Check out our Donate Your Day Idea Page.

Seize The Day Your Way

Challenge yourself !  Take the plunge, and do something that you know will take a lot of  determination and energy, but that would be so worth it to do.  You know that your friends and family would be incredibly supportive of and proud of you? Well friend, Seize The Day and let’s get started!

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Meals That Heal

Gather your friends, family, colleagues and  host a meal together (or virtually) and ask them to donate what they would have spent on a night out to BFO-Halton/Peel.

BFO-Halton/Peel is hosting our Food as Community event on September 13th, for more information click here. 

Need more inspiration? Check out our Meals That Heal Idea Page

Get started now! It's fantastic that you have your idea, date, time and location for your fundraiser. Next step is to please fill out the form below. Let us know what fundraiser you would like to host and how we can best support you.

Thanks for submitting!



BFO-Halton/Peel is proud to be able to offer our services free of charge. We have seen a 470% increased demand for our services since 2020 and this continues to grow daily. Your donation will directly help us meet this demand.



Absolutely. The security and confidentiality of your information is our highest priority. We will not sell, trade or share your personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations, and we will only share personal information if you have given us specific permission to do so.


The Centre for Grief and Healing BFO-Halton/Peel accepts donations via cheque, credit cards or debit through our CanadaHelps portal.

For any questions regarding making a donation please email, Allison Nephew at

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