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Our programs serve adults, teens and children through individual support sessions and peer-to-peer grief support groups that are specific to the relationship with the person who died.

Grieving children, teens and adults deserve the opportunity to experience the healing process in a safe, warm and nurturing environment.  The healing process is enhanced through the friendships and connections that are developed in our support groups.


There is no universal way to cope with a loss of a loved one; however, sharing our thoughts and feelings, facts and fears, helps to provide a new sense of normal and understanding. Our trained grief facilitators and professional staff, volunteers and students work together to create a safe, caring, and non-judgmental space that empowers participants through each unique grief journey. 


Human connection is essential to one's healing process after experiencing the loss of a loved one.  In grief, we often feel isolated and alone. Both our open and closed groups help those grieving by creating a powerful atmosphere of connection and support. Prior to attending each group, all participants must complete an intake which includes an group information session (see FAQ).


We are committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and accessible community where grief is openly discussed and destigmatized. We believe that there is hope after a loved one dies and it is this hope that we help foster in the individual. Through annual community events such as our Walk to Remember and our Loving Memory Ceremony, we come together to build resiliency and strength despite our tragedies. 



Grief Support
Group Participant

Thank you for your unending support through my grief journey and for helping me rebuild my self esteem and confidence. This organization is one of the things I am grateful for and you have become part of my success story.

Individual Support

The (peer-support worker) is excellent, caring and supportive and I don’t think I could be in better hands. This has added a crucial role in the level of my care. What has been impossible now shows some hope.

Grief Support
Group Participant

A very helpful environment to be in to grieve ones loss. Feels a sort of comfort thinking that there are others in the same boat as myself. This is a service that is very helpful and comforting in a time of loss in one's life.

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