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Using a Touch Phone


At our organization, we offer telesupport services as an alternative to in-person support, utilizing phone or the virtual program, Zoom. Telesupport provides a convenient and efficient way to connect with individuals navigating the challenges of grief and bereavement, offering valuable support such as accessing community resources, learning coping strategies, and providing holistic support.

We understand the importance of being there for you during difficult times, and our dedicated team serves as a compassionate voice when you need it most. While most of our supports are provided through telesupport, we occasionally offer in-person groups throughout the year and always offer a range of events and workshops to enhance your healing journey.

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Telesupport is accessible and overcomes barriers that may prevent individuals from seeking support. For example, individuals living in rural or remote areas where there is no transit or support services can benefit from the accessibility of Telesupport.

Those who cannot leave their home or spaces (e.g., physically or mentally) can also easily access Telesupport with little inconvenience. Individuals who have visual and hearing impairments may also benefit from said support.


Telesupport allows you to mitigate worry about transportation or rushing from prior commitments such as caregiving, work, or school. Having to travel long distances and taking significant time out of a busy schedule to seek support can be a burden on many who need it. 

Since individuals are able to receive Telesupport just about anywhere, you can often schedule your sessions for times that are more convenient for you. Telesupport is a simple and comfortable process where you can access it from the comfort of a confidential space you are familiar with.


There's always a possibility someone may miss a full or part of a session for a reason beyond their control, such as a traffic jam.

Similarly, unavailable child-care, long working hours and day-to-day errands may push one's decision to seek support; making it feel almost impossible to schedule timely appointments. For individuals who have or may experience the above, Telesupport may seem like a reasonable option.


Even though a client-peer support worker relationship is considered a highly confidential one, some individuals may not feel comfortable examining their thoughts, feelings, and fears in face-to-face interaction. Telesupport can provide both privacy and convenience. When it comes to expressing how you feel and think, you can communicate with a peer support worker via phone or Zoom. 

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