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As a peer-to-peer support based organization, our volunteers are at the heart of everything we do. Our programs are led by trained volunteer facilitators and students who have experiential knowledge in grief and bereavement. Our programs are made possible through the passion, dedication, and skills of our volunteers.


Volunteer Positions

Click here to learn more about the roles offered and their requirements for volunteers and students. 



Volunteer Training

Our peer-to-peer support volunteers are all trained in our Grief Facilitator Training.


Holding Hands

Volunteer Stories

Read how some of our volunteers are making a difference in our community. 



Completing and attending our trainings is required for Group Facilitators, One-on-One Peer Supporters, and Students at the Centre for Grief & Healing. This ensures that volunteers gain a thorough understanding of organizational values and culture, along with adequately preparing for various volunteer responsibilities. *Please see 'Volunteer and Student Positions' for more information on training specific to roles not listed above and for position requirements/availability.

We greatly appreciate your time and commitment as a volunteer and hope to schedule volunteer hours and tasks that benefit your work-life balance and personal goals. Please contact with any questions or further inquiries.

Thank You.

How to Volunteer

Road to Becoming a Volunteer


Please visit Volunteer Positions for roles and requirements and Click Here to submit the Volunteer Application.

Contact: If you would like to reach the Volunteer Manager to discuss volunteering opportunities, please email or call at 905-848-4337 ext.1155


While we appreciate all applicants, we will screen each submitted application to ensure that the skills and interests are best matched to our available volunteer roles. Only those selected for interviews will be contacted.


Successful applicants will be invited to schedule a brief phone interview during a weekday between 9:00am-5:00pm. This will help us to better get to know you and your goals. A reference check will be completed following.


We will send online training materials to successful interviewees. You will be required to complete this and send it to the Volunteer Manager within a designated time frame, prior to attending a full day of in-class/online training.


You will be required to attend a full day of in-class/online training where you will learn about your role as a volunteer. The training lasts up to 7 hours and is held every few months.


The Volunteer Manager will send the organizational policies and procedures, health and safety policies and a request to submit the vulnerable sector to the onboarding volunteer who must report back with signed copies of all documents. *Mandatory for all volunteer roles.


After completing the volunteer training program, you will be required to submit a satisfactory Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) (completed within the past year of applying). Contact the Volunteer Manager for a Vulnerable Sector Check letter if required. *Wait times vary, we encourage successful applicants to retrieve a VSC as soon as possible. Mandatory for all volunteer roles.


Your training will continue with shadowing and co-facilitating sessions alongside trained volunteers or staff members (Group Facilitators and One-on-One Peer Supporters only).

Volunteer Training

Congratulations! At the end of the training program, you will be awarded a certificate and will begin your role as a volunteer!


Training Outline & Volunteer Appreciation

Initial Training Outline

The following training is mandatory for all volunteer Group Facilitators, One-on-One Peer Supporters, and Students (when applicable) to complete:

  • 7 hours of online learning specific to grief and bereavement theories and our peer-support model

  • 7 hours of in-class or virtual learning specific to your role with the Centre for Grief and Healing

  • 3 hours of peer support training 

  • 2 shadow and 2 peer support group co-facilitation sessions (except Mission Ambassadors)

Volunteer Support & Appreciation
  • Existing volunteers will be offered ongoing training opportunities annually

  • Check-ins and de-briefing sessions are available for the volunteer with the Volunteer Manager

  • Volunteer Facebook group is made available to share resources, connect with others, ask questions, and more

  • Monthly Volunteer eNewsletters that contain resources, grief information, Volunteer of the Month highlights, and more!

  • Volunteer Awards Night will be held annually

Image by Kelly Sikkema
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