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Volunteer Recognition Wall

We would like to thank all of our volunteers for believing in our work.

Thank you for contributing your time, without your dedication we would not be able to make the difference we do in many lives. 

A Message from our
Volunteer Manager, Irish Dhindsa

As the Volunteer Manager at the Centre for Grief and Healing (BFO-HP), it is my honour to have the opportunity to thank all our volunteers for the time, passion, dedication, care, and support they have shown in their volunteer roles. We would not be the organization we are without them.

Board Member Awards (2023)

Abdul-Hussain, Haider - Board Leadership Award

Cross, Robin - Committed to Growth Award

Jaroslawski, Adrienne - Dedicated Commitment As A Board Secretary

Moro, Janice - Most Dedicated to Fundraising Sustainability ​

Facilitation and One-to-One Awards (2023)

Bradbeer, Janice - Committed to Growth Award

Deloughery, Michael - Facilitation Leadership Award

Douglas, Greg - Excellence in Niche Bereavement Support

MacDonald, Katherine - Continuous Growth in Facilitation

Masters, Jennifer - Circle of Excellence Award

Ramos, Abigail - Excellence in Facilitation Support 

​Swan, Sarah Ann - Most Enthusiastic Volunteer

Committee Awards (2023)

Oree, Tasha - Dedicated Contribution to the Fundraising Committee 

Most Volunteered Hours (2023)

Masters, Jennifer - Most Volunteered Hours (Facilitation) 

Thomas, Lydia - Most Volunteered Hours (One-to-Ones)

Yap, Anna Lisa - Most Volunteered Hours (Social Media Content Creator) 

The Centre for Grief & Healing Bereaved Families of Ontario - Halton/Peel is a local, registered charitable organization that relies on donations to sustain our programs. 

Every dollar you donate goes directly to providing services for grieving children, teens, and adults. Your contributions help find understanding, support, and connection in a safe, warm, and nurturing environment.

*Please email for in-kind donations.

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