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The death of a parent, sibling, grandparent, or someone close can be devastating for children and teens of all ages. Children experience a range of intense emotions including: sadness, anger, fear, and guilt. They often feel isolated and unable to talk about the death with peers who have not had a similar experience. They may also be reluctant to share their grief with surviving family members for fear of upsetting them. Too often, children end up grieving alone and don't have the tools or language to get support.

Almost 70% of teachers says that they had at least one grieving student in their classroom in the past year. (The American Federation of Teachers, 2018)

Grieving children and teens spend a vast majority of their time in school. Schools have said it is imperative for personnel in schools to understand the needs of grieving youth so they can receive the support they need to be successful during the school day and in their future endeavors. We offer a "Navigating Through Grief" workshop just for this. Our workshop is not only beneficial for staff, but it also proves beneficial to students as well. Students grieving after the loss of a loved one may experience academic difficulties, including trouble concentrating in class, withdrawal, less classroom participation, and/or absenteeism. We can support students and staff through our workshop by exploring coping strategies, self-care techniques, and providing education to assist oneself in their healing process and their peers as well. 

Our staff is available to provide a workshop to teachers, administrators, counsellors, and students at the school site or virtually so that everyone within can help adapt to life without the loved one who passed and perform at their ideal level academically and socially. 

Read our Tip Sheets to find practical advice for helping a grieving child.


Art Expression Support Group

We offer up to 12 individual peer support sessions for children and youth ages 6-17. Sessions can last up to 30 minutes via Zoom or telephone for those 6-12 (Zoom is preferred) or via telephone for those 13-17. The Zoom sessions may be guided by an art-based activity related to grief and bereavement (based on preference and resource availability). Unfortunately we do not currently offer support groups for children or youth under the age of 18.


Common topics discussed in these sessions includes Coping Strategies, Exploring Support Systems, Expressing Emotions, Other Life Changes, and much more.

Please call 905-848-4337 or email to leave us with your contact information and we will be in touch within 10 business days. You may also complete an online intake by visiting our intake form.


If you are filling an intake out on behalf of someone below the age of 16, please complete our "Minor Grief Support Form" on our intake page (with their information and relationship to the deceased). Referrals from professionals and family members can be made on behalf of youth, however, consent from those 16+ must be provided.


(AGES 6+)

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