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Celebrate with BFO with These Fundraising Ideas


Use your BIG day to make a REAL difference. Ask your friends and family to make a donation in your honour to BFO-Halton/Peel, in lieu of gifts. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation or retirement, celebrate your day by raising funds to help us tackle the complexities associated with grief.

Birthdays: Whether you’re having a party of some kind or not, you can get the word out to friends and family that this year, you’d prefer they make a donation directly to BFO-Halton/Peel. Feel great about celebrating this year’s birthday!

Anniversaries: Is this year a milestone? Often people don’t know what to get couples who are celebrating. They want it to be meaningful and impactful, and to honour two very wonderful and important people. What better way than to ask for a donation to an organization and cause near and dear to your heart?

Retirements: Often at this stage of life, people aren’t looking for more ‘stuff’! Let your colleagues know that you’d prefer a more significant honouring of your retirement with a donation to support those who are struggle to celebrate anything in life right now.

Engagements, Wedding and Wedding Showers: Many brides and grooms aren’t looking for more ‘stuff’ for their household, especially if they are already living in bliss together. Instead, why not ask guests to make a contribution to support BFO-Halton/Peel, instead of ending up with 2 toasters.


Graduation: Graduating is a HUGE deal. What better way to honour this milestone, than making a donation in their honour?

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