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Community Grief has Grown

Help us Meet the Need

On behalf of the Board of Directors, the staff, volunteers and the individuals and families we serve, please accept my gratitude for your past generosity to the Centre for Grief and Healing. Your gift has contributed to our ongoing grief support work and has laid a foundation for where we are today. 


This letter provides important information about what is happening right now. I invite you to learn about what we are doing, as your generosity has been a building block to our growth and positive impact within the community.


Every journey of grief is unique. Yet the challenges of Covid-19 have been significant. The pandemic has changed how we work, learn, and interact. The negative impacts of the pandemic are widespread and very prevalent amongst Canadians (PHAC, 2021):


  • 2 out of 5 are in distress at least once a month

  • 19% screen positive for general anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, or both

  • Alcohol consumption has increased by 16%


Amongst all the uncertainty, we have been providing exceptional, above-and-beyond support for the people of our community at a time when Canadians need it the most.


From January 1, 2020, to March 1, 2022, we have facilitated:

  • 2,233 1-to-1 sessions

  • 262 open group sessions

  • 47 closed group sessions

  • 853 new participants onboarded


To provide some perspective, there were 790 days between January 1, 2020, and March 1, 2022.  We have supported more than one new participant every day for over 2 years.


People within our community need our support.  And I am proud to say that we have been here when people have needed our help.


My involvement within the organization dates to 2020. I had the opportunity to connect with many people experiencing loss and learn about the journey they are going through. Although the conversations I had in my role as a lead facilitator were and are tough, being there for these individuals through such hard times is something that I can say fulfils me. My passion for helping people navigate through their grief and improve their mental health has driven me to expand my role within the organization, such as leading our first ever overdose loss group (January 2022), hosting bi-monthly educational videos for new facilitators and joining the board of directors – of which I am now the new Vice Chair.


Yet the organization has reached a tough point. But we are resilient and are addressing this need.  To continue to support the level of demand within Halton and Peel Regions, our agency is introducing a $50,000 fundraising campaign.  We have a small Board, but as a Board of Directors, we are committed to contributing up to 10% of the campaign goal.  Please join us to continue to serve the growing needs of our community.


In follow up to this letter, I will personally be taking the time to call as many past supporters – such as yourself – to invite you to partner with us and contribute to this campaign.  We are asking everyone we contact to consider a gift of $100, or an amount that is feasible for you.  If you would like to donate immediately, please click here.


Your donation will support the high community demand for one-to-one grief support.  This is the area most in demand from individuals grieving within our community.


Thank you again for your past support.  We welcome you to be a part of the current and future Centre for Grief and Healing, also known as Bereaved Families of Ontario - Halton/Peel.  We are working to meet the many underserved needs of grieving individuals and families within our community.


Please consider how you may be a part of helping everyone in our community move forward in their journey of grief. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to talking with you soon.



Haider Abdul-Hussian

Vice Chair, Board of Directors

Centre for Grief and Healing


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