Food as Community is a series of hybrid cooking demonstrations, curating a wide range of culturally inspired meals and desserts, while reconnecting our communities through the of sharing cooking tips and expertise, in a time we need it most!

Thank you for supporting our first ever Food as Community episode held on the evening of September 13th at 7:00 pm EDT. Food as Community is a fun-filled opportunity for our community to reconnect over food and to support BFO's work.  

Together we raised over $3,750 towards Grief Support in Halton, Peel and Toronto. 

Missed the episode? You can still make a donation by clicking on the button below. Don't worry - our next episode will be held in February 2023 TBD!

Food as Community hosted by Nadia "MCNadzzz" Chandra from Vibe105!


Hear why Nadia wanted to host food as community:

"This event says that food is a conduit that can provoke memories and connections to our loved ones and this is spot on! After losing my Mother to Cancer in late June 2022, I feel like every meal she ever taught me connects me to her more and more. Everyday she is gone has not been easy, but the connection to her Guyanese traditions, sayings and teachings, especially when it comes to food, brings me comfort knowing that she will live on through me for this reason. This was why I said yes to hosting the first episode of Food as Community. I also LOVE connecting with the community and I feel like the stars must have aligned when the opportunity presented itself to me shortly after I lost my Mom. Sometimes divine timing has a way of working itself out when dealing with grief and loss. :)"

Thank you to our generous sponsors for supporting "Food as Community":

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